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Creams and gels for a larger penis

A number of creams and gels are marketed as effective methods for increasing the size of your penis. They can be divided into "natural" creams based on plant extracts, and pharmaceutical products, designed for the treatment of medical conditions.

Natural products

Unfortunately none of these have been proven to give you a permanently bigger penis. Some contain stimulant substances that enhance blood supply and can provide quicker, and sometimes harder erections. More blood in the erect penis can make it seem bigger, but it's not a permanent effect.

Nonetheless it's still what some men are looking for, and can be useful. We think the best product around is ProSolution Gel. It's packed full of ingredients that are acknowledged safe stimulants, is easy to use and represents good value compared with many products of its type.

One caution though with products like this that are applied prior to sex. The same ingredients that give you a gigantic, rock hard erection may not be comfortable for your partner. Unlike many similar products, ProSolution Gel does not create a "numbing" sensation for your partner, but you may want to check with him or her first, and if in doubt, use a condom to protect your partner's skin and genital area.

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Pharmaceutical products

Andractim is suggested as a penis enlargement cream by some websites. Andractrim is the product name for topical DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a testosterone metabolite. Andractim comes as a gel and can be applied to the penis.

Testosterone has been proven to lead to penis enlargement in children, with a number of cases of accidental enlargement caused by contaminated creams. Testosterone is actually used intentionally to enlarge the penis of young boys prior to surgery for micro-penis conditions.

However there is little evidence that it can provide a permanent enlargement of the penis in an adult man with testosterone levels within the normal range. Medical research suggests that it is only useful for men with substantially lowered testosterone, and if this applies to you, you should definitely be seeking medical assistance, rather than self-treating.

Andractim was developed to treat gynaecomastia (male breasts) and not for penis enlargement. Therefore anyone choosing to use it for penis enlargement must do so without instructions or guidance regarding how much to use and how often. Most men are understandably reluctant to use a prescription-only steroid cream in a non-authorised way on their penis.

Testosterone self-treatments do not work topically (that is, where they are applied). They work by being absorbed into the blood stream and their effects can therefore be felt all over the body.

Disadvantages of testosterone self-treatment include:

  • only available on prescription within Australia, for approved purposes
  • illegal to import from overseas without prescription and can be seized at customs
  • no guidance on how much to use and how often
  • proven to increase loss of head hair, and increased growth of other body hair in male users
  • proven to cause alopecia (head hair loss) in females who are accidentally contaminated (therefore a potential risk to a female partner of a user)
  • potential other side effects include behavioural change and effects on other organs.

We do not recommend any steriod or hormonal products of any type, and advise Australian men to avoid them.

Men who believe they may have low levels of testosterone should consult a medical practitioner for tests and for safe monitored treatment with effective products that have been specifically designed for your condition.


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